Hot Choc Choc Club

hot choc 6Lotty had been away for a week and hadn’t had a chance to catch up with Becksie so over a cup of tea we tried hard to catch up and get on with the next part of our adventure. However……. we were all having one of those days, everything we needed to do was impossible due to circumstances beyond our control. It was a rainy old day in today and so plans to finish the construction and decoration of our mobile haberdashery were foiled, we couldn’t order the final few designs to add to our fabric collection as we are awaiting the arrival of a form and so the list went on. As we were working at Becksie’s house the following event occured.

Becksie looked at Lizzie, Lizzie looked at Becksie they both looked at Lotty and Henry and Becksie shouted the magic words which in this make everything better…………

Lizzie shouting 'Hot Choc Choc Club'

Lizzie shouting ‘Hot Choc Choc Club’


Hot Choc Choc club is an event which make everyone feel much better and is very easy to do.

hot choc 1

Simply make hot chocolate, we like to heat milk on the stove and always add some cinnamon and nutmeg to the hot chocolate before mixing it well with the blender to get loads of froth on the choc 2 Put it into big mugs and then set up a tray of sprinkles.

hot choc 3

Issue each hot choc choc club member with a spoon and when the hot choc choc is consumed spoon up the melted bits from the bottom. hot choc 4

This post comes with a health warning –  hot choc choc club should only be activated in extreme circumstances. However if you find yourself using this magic remedy quite often (or indeed have over indulged at Easter) we would love you to come along to our Knicker Factory and make yourself a bigger pair of knickers.  Similarly if you gave up chocolate for lent and have lost a pound or three (like Lotty ;)) come and make yourself a smaller pair of knickers.  

knicker picture


Over and Out

Becksie and Lotty

PS – If you are miles away please remember our Knicker is mobile and can come to you (just drop us an email)

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