Sunday Night Skirt Sew

skirt 12As anyone who reads Becksie’s adventures on ‘A Year Without Supermarkets‘ will know she is desperate to be able to sew beautiful and wearable clothes. Failed attempt after failed attempt leave her frustrated and annoyed.

When Becksie and Lotty sat down to plan their events, Lotty said we could do a ‘Sew a Skirt in a Day’ course – Becksie laughed and said ‘errrm not sure I could do it myself let alone plan an event doing it’. Lotty looked at her and said ‘I can get you to sew one in an evening let alone a day and anyway someone will need to man the teapot on the day’! So……… right in the middle of Crafternoon tea planning we decided that Sunday night would be the night when Becksie made a skirt not just in a day but…… in a night.

Both husbands in their own living rooms and both small people fast asleep in bed, tea at the ready and we were away! In true Becksie and Lotty style we riffled through the fabric box and set to it. Charlotte had drawn out the pattern (Becksie was very very impressed) and we were away.

skirt 1

skirt 2Fabric cut on the bias – stripes matched to form lovely chevrons and so to sew! Slight issue Becksie had left her foot at home (machine foot not actual foot) and Lotty had misplaced her pedal – ten minutes of hunting and we had a working sewing machine and so we were away. Becksie sewed the four bits together and we had a tent!

skirt 4First it was a quick measure of Becksie and time to make expanding Mandy into Becksie! For Becksie this bit was not fun – Lotty wound the wheels of Mandy and right before Becksie’s eyes Mandy became her large bottomed self! It was like the experience Dr Christian Jessen and Gok Wan would create together! Becksie was rude to Mandy but Lotty offered us both re’ass’urance (bad joke)!

skirt 6

The most AWFUL photo of Becksie – but it was Sunday night🙂

Skirt on Becksie / Mandy, Lotty showed Becksie how to fit it. Becksie is not about to try to explain this (although she could a little bit as she did listen very well), Lotty will be bringing a few tutorials to you here very soon and of course you can come and take part in a learn to sew a skirt day.

skirt 8Sides pinned to the correct size and more sewing. Then it was time to fit an invisible zip (Becksie is extremely proud of this achievement) and Lotty will offer some tips very soon. Then the waist band including a bit of ‘stitching the ditch’ (how American is that)!

skirt 9

skirt 10Hem time and for the first time a spot of ironing – Lotty is Becksie’s style of teacher in that the iron didn’t feature too heavily in the event! Hem ironed and sewn and it was time to sew in a Becksie and a Lotty label!

skirt 11Lotty was impressed with her student and Becksie was a) amazed at her achievement b) incredibly impressed at how easy Lotty made this seem c) keen to try more d) the proud owner of a wearable garment e) had loads of fun f) learnt a lot g) had only spent 3 hours on the job h) spent zero pence.

You might be getting the impression Becksie loved this experience and you’d be right. If you’d like to do this to click here to view our next ‘sew a skirt in a day course’ – don’t worry on the day (17th May 2014, Faringdon Catholic Church Hall, Faringdon, Oxfordshire) Lotty will be teaching whilst Becksie mans the tea and cake department – watch out Mandy if Becksie keep on with the cake you’ll be expanding further!😉

The skirt in Action today!

The skirt in Action today!



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